Sunday, 23 September 2007

You know me more .......

Clouds are not the burden for the sky
As same as I'm to your life
The colours of the rainbow couldnt be wiped our by rain
As same as the mother's affection wouldn't hurt her kids
The breeze wouldn't kill the flowers
As same as my feelings and love wouldn't hurt you

Its bad when you realise the one you love
Is happy with someone else for sure
More hurtiing is when you realise
They are not happy being with you
Its pathetic for the moon to let go its light
As same as the seashore without the waves

Looks as if i'm overreacting to the situations
Hope atleast you could understand me
As you know more better about me
Wish you shut my heart's door with your key
Oh what could i say, I'm so lucky
Yes, I'm Mr.Lucky and thats what I wanna be....

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