Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Will she BMW ?

Though I have been presented a Bayerische Motoren Werke
I still can't enjoy the right pleasure
There were years when I was dreaming about driving such cars
And now its here, but guess what ?
These don't amuse me anymore
There were days when I was thinking of marrying her
Guess what ? It has not changed so far
Will she be the angel of my heart ?
Will she be the sweetest thing in my life
Will she Be My Wife ? Will She BMW ?

1 comment:

sreeja said...

As u said 4 all guys B M W is a passion in u said B M W means the same wat u said in original post.
B M W is really a sexy car to drive on foreign roads than on stupid roads in INDIA.I love even a small car but if i have a small one i wil definitely luk out for BMW in future change.First i wil try to get small one then luk out for big one like BMW.Gud 2 c tat car latest in foto.I am happy and i have send it 2 my frnds to view like foto. happy is a really and spl word to tel wen ppl like u show things to others who is new and recent frnd to u? gud to hear and be happy wid ur wife always than wid the gals.