Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Yet another bad patch

Hate myself for being so weak
When it comes to women and love
These couple of days have made me feel
A relatinship of a decade or two old
Can't blame her for any reason
She is my angel and the lucky star
What can you say when she is in love
All she could do is nothing but love
Its the same old story
Receiving proposals from girls
who could only love but can't marry
wishing to be with me for the whole life
Only ending up saying which is practically impossible

Thought I could be happy even in hell
but this heavan made me feel the hell
Why feel the paradise and lose the same all at once
when butterflies were flying inside my stomach
Bells were ringing inside my heart
Bulbs were glowing in my thoughts
Guessed they were the feelings for a day or two
only till she disclosed her love for me
Never spent time with anyone so long
All which ended with a final note
Fast and furious there went the blow
Straight to my heart deep into the veins
What could she do apart from letting it go
Theres no love not any more....

All she could say that she loves me to the core
It has happened to me before
Can't think a life without me
still Same as before
Ended it by saying lets not proceed any further
and wave a big BYE to each other
forcasting a better welfare
I would have been alright if it was her own decision
but why the hell her mates do pop in to spoil
Isn't there anyone who could respect my feelings
I dont wanna pull anyone into a relationship
What else could i do....
Give her hopes that I would set all things right
I just dont wanna do it again
Had enough in life so horrid and devastating
All I was longing for is someone
who would love me more than anyone else
and all I receive are the ones
who keep me hurting more and more

She is not confident in convincing people
where she is weak in making decisions
all she could do is run far away from me
where it was her who was interested more in the relation
Though i said its not easy
for which she agreed to it
But things went on and on
Shared more secrets and felt more close
Shared our feelings and felt more better
Felt we are the match for each other
After the end of that longlasting call
There goes the thunderstrom
BOOM !!! She goes she doesnt wanna hurt me more
Let us stop talking no more...

Been only few hours since that massacre
Life is not at all what we think
This pause after many years
Has made the tears roll out from my eyes
What an angel could do to me
In just a matter of couple of days
Its all matter of time as my friend used to say
Time is the best medicine for all the heartbreaks

Thanks for the friends who were with me
Whenver I had a problem or two
Thanks for being my friends and these are not just words
but a world of it...

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