Sunday, 23 September 2007

Whats possible ?

Its not easy to harvest in a land which is not fertile
But it was possible for me to love yet again
Never thought I would fall again
Oh whats happened to me....
Is that easy to follow your heart beats
Which always lead to a big scar
Even though I prefer a happy heart
I'm still content with a heart with stitches
Its nice to be loved and be thrown away
Not because I was too good for the relationship
It was possible for me to love again
Again and again and again....

Its not easy to break someone's heart
Which needs more courage to proceed on with it
If it was possible to break up with the one we love
Is it not possible to make things work together
Is love that weak to handle situations
Thought love was stronger than anything
I know its true where things are much more safe
but why its not the same in everyone's life
Preference are given to the social outlook
Rather the true and inner happiness
Its not easy to cheat our own feelings
Saying this is not the one you are gonna get
It was possible to get rid of something
Which could make you feel more better than before
Yes it was possible to hurt the heart so quick
That too by an innocent heart which thinks its so thick

Its not easy to find the right relation for us
But it is always possible to make things work
No matter the best or worst, its all we who sort things
Its not gonna be the same love again
You have broken not just my heart
But our love which was so graceful
More true than the mother's love to her kids
Its not easy to fix it by any means
But it is possible to share the pains
All I wished was you to be happy
Sorry for disturbing your peace of mind
I take the credit for spoiling your happiness
Yes I'm a sadist as others portray me
I love hurting people in one way or the other
Its not me who says so...
My history has incidents, there were many innocent people
Many more than the number system, which is still undefined
Longing for my love and affection
And I turned all them down
As I thought I'm not gonna love again and
Thought love and me are not the ones to go together

Now its my turn and I take it with a sweet smile
What else could i do...
Its not easy to keep smiling when ur heart is bleeding
But it is possible atleast not to let others know ur pain
Its always nice to smile when u long to cry
Yes its a good experience to me
I would be always thankful to you
Your relationship both the better and the bitter
Would never hate you for any reason
For having made me love yet another time
For having made me live a better life
For casting me more into fire
Just to purify me more...
Life is such a wonderful thing and as i say always
Life is not what we think it is.
It is always possible in life to meet the uncertain things.

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