Monday, 26 November 2007

Its time to ENJOY ! ! !

When you get what you really longed for years
The feeling you experience is not a normal thing
You believe that you are the king of the whole world
Looks like you have the magic in your fist
Playing with the fortune, you always keep winning
As long as the trump card is with you forever
Whether its a Coin, Car or a Calendar
Globe, Gold, or a Girl
If you feel its gonna give you what you want
Feel it as its with you
And I have started to feel as my angel is with me
And my life has started to blossom every day
Of course I do have storms blowing my way
Cyclones uprooting my stay
Floods thrashing me away
As long as my angel is in my heart
Its always my time only to Enjoy
Anywhere, Anytime, We got music and lets get hot !
All the nights when they come ! !
We break rules, Jump and shout ! ! !

Is this a real feeling or an Imagination ?

Knowing the fact we couldn't forget each other
Why are we still wandering around without a clue
These days shouldn't be the bad patch in our love history
For which we might regret in the future
For not disclosing our true love
Generally I don't believe in being egoistic
That too if its regarding our love
I would throw away anything for you
But why are we still hesitating to fly together
Are we worried about the hurricanes or
Bothered about the thunderstorms and lightnings
Certainly not, as we believe in our love
Which is strong and it would prove itself anytime
Probably at times I might be conveyed that
You are the past in my life
But its for sure that it won't be easy to forget
Your giggling eyes which sung songs for me
Your silent lips which said stories to my ailing heart
Your graceful arms which made me feel comfortable without a touch
Finally you being yourself when you were with me
How could I forget all these treasures all of a sudden
Instead of me roaming around on a foreign soil
Its better to be burried in your heart as a peaceful soul

The fate which decided the seas to have waves forever
Gave me the love feelings for you as well
What else could I do other than loving you
Probably could end my life, but what then would my love do
My love for you will always be there
No matter I'm living with you or have left this world.
Never wished to pray for anything in my life
Things are changing in me, that I'm back in my path
People value different things differently
There might be all sorts of preferences
But my preference is just one and pretty straight forward
You know that its you, but inspite knowing it
Why are we still playing this game
My heart is going weak day by day,
I'm trying to be positive but it lasts only for a bit
What else could I do other than longing for you
Am I just feeling the way you feel or
Just making up and imagining things which are not
Though I dont wanna blame others for this show
Who is gonna take responsibilty for such a mess
It could be only me, as it was me who met you
I should have stopped the relationship at the beginning
But its too late to realise after living a life with you
Though people can convince that its gonna be better
After a while, being with others
Its all nothing but absurd
As the true love will live forever
And our love will live longer than that.

I can't just let you go, when you intend to leave
It was before when I thought it was a disturbance
Convincing the girl who is about to break up
I'm no more a kid to live with my past
If you look ahead, life would be miserable
If we dont get the one which we like.
I know that you would always get what you liked
But in this case you need to take care of you more
You need to analyse more before you go for the options
I'm not here to sell myself explaining things
All I wished is you to be happy forever
You could say that you are happy now
My heart says you wont be if you aren't in with me
I'm worried now because whatever I have felt
Is happening all in a row and the turn is now on us
Thieves breaking into the house
Losing my materialistic belongings
Meeting with an accident
Appearing at the police station
It is enough now going through all these now
I feel something is gonna go wrong in our case
Thought I couldn't do much to stop
Which was a wrong decision, and I believe now that
Its worth walking the wire for you.
Its been days since I longed for someone
Starting with a hello, ending with a wish to be safe
Everything was unique and this was always my passion
The sweet smile which brought me back the good sleep
The way you sing songs for me
The way you show your love to me
These are only few bits which made me love you so much
Whether its a real feeling or an imagination
I wish to cherish these moments for my lifetime
Better I wish to live with these for the rest of my life.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Am I that cruel ?

There were days when people loved to be with me
Morning till evening, sun set till sun rise
People took their opportunity to spend time with me
Thought all their wishes were wise
But whats happening now
People prefer to avoid me in such a way
Those who loved me are far away now
They dont even share their feelings
No matter whether its good or bad
I'm thrown away just because I was so sweet
I'm no more the person people need
I'm no more the support the souls longed
But why do I stil love them
Though harldy we could see each other
What do I need and What do I expect ?
I have got a family which can shower their love
But it is not the love which I'm longing for
Family love is the love which is there for me always
Like me loving myself, it will stay forever
What do I need then ?
A companionship, a lover, a partner
Can't guess what it is ....

How unfortunate things are thrown apart
Am I talking about people or just a person
Probably one person at a time
But its been people all through my lfie
They come in uninvited, stay as long as they preferred
Leave with a world of scars in my heart
And I'm now left broken empty in despair
Want to breathe but can't find air
Thought you were sent from up above
But you and me never had a chance to love
So much more I have to say
Why don't you help me find a way
I wonder if you know
How it really feels
To be left outside all alone
When it is cold out here
Well maybe you should know

When things go down and nobody being around
Life is a full of pain
Wish the whole world breaks apart
Leaving no chance for any life to survive
Am I selfish, certainly not
If I was I would have not let her go
I would have not let me kill myself
I would have not let my love die so early
I would have not been an assasinist
Am I that cruel to kill people
Not really, probably I had killed my love
I had masacred my emotions
So that others could live in peace
But whats a point, in keeping a soul in pain
Just to make thers feel better
Still being cursed as a cheat by someone
Who praised me as a gem of a person
Why I'm everyone's enemy all of a sudden
I know life is full of uncertainities
But why they are all doing dirt to me
Who is cursing me in such a way
Where all I have is nothing but pain
Efforts to make myself happy go in vain
Though its been a habit to go through such a stage
When its all gonna change ?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Is that an accident ?

Looked like an accident when I first saw her
The beautiful face with expected features on it
Never wished to see such a similar one in my life
As it would ruin my feelings so deep in my heart
Very fortunate when my heart started to float
Though having been flooded by strange blows

As years passed by, happen to meet the same girl
Probably not an accident this time
Expected to meet but definitely not in such a place
Butterflies flying inside me
Thousands of lights dazzling around
Bells ringing on continuously
Man, that was a graceful experience
Not many in the world could get it
I'm fortunate yet again to spend time with such a person
Didnt realise it was love when I was with her
The moment I left her , felt as if I was losing weight
It was nothing but my heart
Felt so light that I could easily fly
Looking for my angel again
Thought if it was true love, it would come back to me

As months passed by, happen to talk to her
Never thought that we are made for each other
Just exchagned a hi and a bye...
But still something was disturbing
Thought it was only from my end
But was conveyed it was same from her end as well
Never realised that we fell into love
Talking about the future of being together
Without expressing our love to each other
Realising finally, hey whats happening...
Are we in love with each other
The answer was nothing but a silence
Of course it really meant YES
Gradually took off with a sweet smile
Then back to the feelings again.

As weeks passed by, Love started to weaken
As intrusions occuring frequently
Though meaningless, did actually have the impact
Decided to quit from the relationship
We tried our best from both ends
Gave up personal interests for each other
For the betterment of each others' lives
But didnt last long, though planned to quit
Can't say we were pulled back into the relationship
But our hearts felt so to be together
Amidst of our longing expectations

As days passed by, she felt that its not gonna work
How many twists could one take in his life
Can't just die again and again
Can't be a friend one day,
Can't be a loverboy other day finally
Can't just hate her for her reactions
I would always love her the same way
As I loved her from the very beginning
Can't blame others for whats been happening
I enjoy being hurt by the angel which I loved a lot
Its my privilege to get myself broken by her

I don't want her to give it all up
And leave her own life collecting dust
And I don't want her to feel sorry for me
She never gave a chance to be
And I don't need her to be by my side
To tell me that everything is alright
I just wanted her to tell me the truth
She knows I would do that for her
But why is she running away from me ?

As things pass by, what does she expect from me
To fight against all odds to be there for her
Is she afraid of something which is not possible
As far as she is not true to her heart
In asking for what she wants
It wouldnt be easy for her to reach there
Thought I was there for her
But she doesnt need me anymore
Closing the doors, shutting her heart
Its no point disturbing her anymore
Having been praised as a cheat, as a disloyal person
For just keeping her name clean
This is all I could for the accident I met with
A sweet one but definitely not the best one for her
Wish she gets the best in her life
Though she once wished to marry only me
Its upto the fate to offer what she is destined to get
Can't say whether I would be lucky or not
After all I'm not a person who worries a lot
Things are meant to happen will happen
No matter whether its an accident or an incident
And she has taught me to face the consequences
Without wearing a mask but with my feelings
She has did a world of good to me
Feeling guilty that I couldnt do anything similar
All I could do is give her a bit of peace of mind
Wishing her the best in her life always.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Astrology Analysis

October 21st 1984 and March 10th 1981.

SUN Sign :

Being born on October 21st the sun sign though being a Libra would be still proclaimed as the Scorpio Cusp as the people born either at the beginning or end of a zodiac sign, or, more properly, on the cusps of a sign. It is expected that you tend to be more emotionally motivated and of a slightly less practical nature. Routines are easy for you to address, though you can become very restless and tend to find your own emotional responses difficult to deal with. Sometimes even you don't understand what makes you tick, and that can be a problem. Actually you are not as complicated as you may have come to believe. It's simply that you have a unique view of life and one that doesn't always match that of the people around you, but as Libra instinctively wants to conform, this can lead to some personal confusion. In family matters you are responsible, very caring and deeply committed to others. It's probable that you work in some field that finds you in direct contact with the public at large and many Scorpio-cusp Librans choose welfare, social and hospital work as a first choice. When it comes to love, you are flexible in your choice and the necessary attributes to promote a long-lasting and happy relationship are clearly present in your basic nature. If there are problems, they may come about as a result of your inability to choose properly in the first place, because you are the first to offer anyone the benefit of doubt. When it comes to the practicalities of life, Scorpio can prove to be extremely useful. It offers an 'edge' to your nature and, as Scorpio is a fixed sign, you are less likely to lose ground because of lack of confidence than Libra alone would be. Your future can be bright, but only if you are willing to get involved in something that really interests you in the first palce. You certainly do not care for getting your hands dirty and tend to gravitate towards more refined positions. Creative potential is good and you could be very artistic, though if this extends to fine art, at least some of your pictures will have 'dark' overtones that might shock some people, including yourself. At base you are kind, caring, complicated, yet inspiring.

Born on March 10th my Sun sign is Pisces and I'm highly empathic, and my physical involvement with a lover is directly geared to my emotional and psychic involvement. Once I have found the partner I want, I'm the most willing and supple lover, but I must take care that my own personality does not get lost in the process. It's better not to offer that temptation; be gentle and giving, but retain my individuality and independence. In general, I will be happiest with a lover whose sexual consciousness is rather highly developed.I will make a special effort to determine the limits of my partner's personality as well as my own, for with my naturally psychic and empathic talents, I may blend with my partner so much that I lose my grasp on myself. I should look for a partner whose feet are really on the ground, who will provide a firm base from which to launch my love. In a well-balanced relationship I can be quite consumed by love, and the totality of loving is an experience that transforms and uplifts my personality. I'm a person who stands out in a crowd. Because of this outstanding quality, I don't need to strive to make a stronger impression when I encounter someone who is attractive to me. Elaborate courting is not my game. Because of my honesty, my love affairs begin and end quite abruptly, as I have no desire to continue a relationship that is no longer working well and this indicates a strong, forceful personality but I must use that power carefully in your love relationships. Since I was born at sunrise, I'm indeed the early bird and usually have my choice of desirable partners when there is competition. I tend to dominate a relationship simply through the strength of my presence. My talent for selling myself will allow me to get my way, but I should use this talent with respect, not abuse it. I have the potential to be either a vibrant, glowing personality or a crashing bore, depending on how wisely I use this gift. Thus, in seeking a partner, I should not make conquests gratuitously; instead, pursue only someone who presents real potential for a creative relationship. I'm a person of great emotional substance, and I provide an excellent shoulder for an upset lover to cry on. I'm not easily or quickly angered, but once my ire is aroused, I'm a formidable antagonist with a long memory for grievances. I do not rush into a love affair, preferring to build it in careful stages. My preference is for straightforward simplicity in a relationship. I want my partner to tell me the truth at all times so I know right where I stand. In return, I'm scrupulously honest with my lover, even when it hurts. In a relationship I'm a friend and lover my partner can always depend on, even in difficult times. I don't commit myself lightly, and when I give your word, I stand by it, particularly a commitment given in love. Good physical health and financial well-being are necessary to my emotional security, and I'm not likely to be happy in a money-starved love affair, no matter how romantic. I may demand expensive presents or love tokens from a partner to assuage problems between us. Although it is perfectly legitimate to treasure gifts of love for our emotional value, this can be dangerous, because I'm dodging problems whose roots lie elsewhere. My basic desire for honesty and integrity in a relationship should lead me around this obstacle for I'm guided by a strong set of fundamental values. I most enjoy the attentions of a lover who gives the utmost in love and devotion and holds nothing back from me. I appreciate a lover who can intuitively plumb my feelings and discern my most intimate desires without asking. But that is a lot to expect of anyone all the time, so I will try to meet my partner halfway and help her get to know me well. My sexuality may become mixed with religious feelings and to that extent may elude physical manifestation entirely for periods of time. Doing this successfully requires considerable self-awareness; it takes great strength and direction to make physical abstinence pay off spiritually and not simply end up in frustration. At times I may find it difficult to decide exactly what I want out of a relationship, or I may find out what I would really have enjoyed only after the affair is over. For this reason, it is a good idea to prolong my courtship in order to find out what each partner wants and expects before making a commitment. I appreciate a lover who doesn't discuss my personal life with others; in fact, I'm quite attracted to the idea of carrying on an affair in secret. I have a magnetic personality, and my personal appearance has a sort of natural glow. I can get into relationships quite easily, at times even too easily, because relationships are so easy for me to start, I should be careful to become involved only in those that are meaningful and worthwhile. Because of my magnetism, I attract others who are outgoing and electric. My disposition is rather gentle and tender, and I will be most compatible with lovers who appreciate subtlety rather than a primitive, physical approach. This does not preclude a more rigid personality underneath, but my outward approach is usually delicate and gentle. I have a particularly subtle form of active sexual expression that requires a rather sensitive lover in order to bring it out most fully. I'm capable of great self-sacrifice as an enjoyable outlet for tendencies that might be extreme in everyday life. Just remember where the bedroom ends, so that in other areas of the relationship I can be equals. My relationship will be most enjoyable when there is a high degree of unspoken understanding between us. My sexual energies are quite direct and are not likely to become confused or sublimated into other areas. I probably have a good deal of stamina in sexuality, as in other physical pursuits, and I don't tire easily. For that reason, I would do well to match myself to a lover of similar energy and inclination. I may be impatient in matters of love, wanting to get on with the affair with a minimum of talk or banter. That is an honest reflection of my feelings, but I should avoid being too hasty; often the delays before a relationship is consummated give me time to think twice about whether I really want to commit myself to that particular lover.

Venus sign : The Planet of Love .

Your Venus sign is Scorpio and it indicates that you are quite open and tend to spend money quite freely, even on those occasions when you don't have very much. Although your intentions are always good, there are times when you get ourself in to the odd scrape and this can be particularly true when it comes to romance, which you may come to late or from a rather unexpected direction. Certainly you have the power to be happy and to make others contented on the way, but you find the odd stumbling block on your journey through life and it could seem that you have to work harder than those around you. As a result of this, you gain a much deeper understanding of the true value of personal happiness than many people ever do, and are likely to achieve true contentment in the end.

It was Pisces in my case which interprets that the first thing people tend to notice about me is my wonderful, warm smile. Being very charitable by nature I will do anything to help others, even if I don't know them well. Much of my life may be spent sorting out situations for other people, but it is very important to feel that I'm living for myself too. In the main, I remain cheerful, and tend to be quite attractive to members of opposite sex. Where romantic attachments are concerned, I could be drawn to people who are significantly older or younger than myself or to someone with a unique career or point of view. It might be best for me to avoid marrying whilst I'm still very young.

Moon Sign :

At the time of your birth the moon was in Virgo which implies that you are endowed with good mental abilities and a keen receptive memory, but you are never ostentatious or pretentious. Naturally quite reserved, you still have many friends, especially of the opposite sex. Marital relationships must be discussed carefully and worked at so that they remain harmonious, as personal attachments can be a problem if you do not give them your full attention. Talented and preserving, you possess artistic qualities and are a good homemaker. Earning your honours through genuine merit, you work long and hard towards your objectives but show little pride in your achievements. Many short journeys will be undertaken in your life.

The Moon was in Taurus when I was born and this predicts that it gives me a courteous and friendly manner, which means I'm likely to have many friends. The good things in life mean a lot to me, as Taurus is an Earth sign that delights in experiences which please the senses. Hence I'm probably a lover of good food and drink, which may in turn mean I need to keep an eye on the bathroom scales, especially as looking good is also important to me. Emotionally I'm fairly stable and I stick by my own standards. Taureans do not respond well to change. Intuition also plays an important part in my life.

Our Compatibility : PISCES & SCORPIO CUSP

Both of us are good listeners and we are receptive to others' points of view, and we dislike having to engage in competitive behavior or aggressive tactics in order to get our point across or receive fair treatment. We appreciate that our partner shares our gentle attitude. You, however, may sometimes feel that I'm too gentle and receptive, being evasive or vague when asked questions or unable to be definite and articulate. You thrive on dialogue while I often prefer to simply take in lots of ideas and ponder them for a long time before offering a point of view. You also have a strong sense of justice and equality and can be vengeful towards those who are seen as unjust, while I'm more likely to feel compassion and sympathy even for those who are guilty.