Monday, 26 November 2007

Is this a real feeling or an Imagination ?

Knowing the fact we couldn't forget each other
Why are we still wandering around without a clue
These days shouldn't be the bad patch in our love history
For which we might regret in the future
For not disclosing our true love
Generally I don't believe in being egoistic
That too if its regarding our love
I would throw away anything for you
But why are we still hesitating to fly together
Are we worried about the hurricanes or
Bothered about the thunderstorms and lightnings
Certainly not, as we believe in our love
Which is strong and it would prove itself anytime
Probably at times I might be conveyed that
You are the past in my life
But its for sure that it won't be easy to forget
Your giggling eyes which sung songs for me
Your silent lips which said stories to my ailing heart
Your graceful arms which made me feel comfortable without a touch
Finally you being yourself when you were with me
How could I forget all these treasures all of a sudden
Instead of me roaming around on a foreign soil
Its better to be burried in your heart as a peaceful soul

The fate which decided the seas to have waves forever
Gave me the love feelings for you as well
What else could I do other than loving you
Probably could end my life, but what then would my love do
My love for you will always be there
No matter I'm living with you or have left this world.
Never wished to pray for anything in my life
Things are changing in me, that I'm back in my path
People value different things differently
There might be all sorts of preferences
But my preference is just one and pretty straight forward
You know that its you, but inspite knowing it
Why are we still playing this game
My heart is going weak day by day,
I'm trying to be positive but it lasts only for a bit
What else could I do other than longing for you
Am I just feeling the way you feel or
Just making up and imagining things which are not
Though I dont wanna blame others for this show
Who is gonna take responsibilty for such a mess
It could be only me, as it was me who met you
I should have stopped the relationship at the beginning
But its too late to realise after living a life with you
Though people can convince that its gonna be better
After a while, being with others
Its all nothing but absurd
As the true love will live forever
And our love will live longer than that.

I can't just let you go, when you intend to leave
It was before when I thought it was a disturbance
Convincing the girl who is about to break up
I'm no more a kid to live with my past
If you look ahead, life would be miserable
If we dont get the one which we like.
I know that you would always get what you liked
But in this case you need to take care of you more
You need to analyse more before you go for the options
I'm not here to sell myself explaining things
All I wished is you to be happy forever
You could say that you are happy now
My heart says you wont be if you aren't in with me
I'm worried now because whatever I have felt
Is happening all in a row and the turn is now on us
Thieves breaking into the house
Losing my materialistic belongings
Meeting with an accident
Appearing at the police station
It is enough now going through all these now
I feel something is gonna go wrong in our case
Thought I couldn't do much to stop
Which was a wrong decision, and I believe now that
Its worth walking the wire for you.
Its been days since I longed for someone
Starting with a hello, ending with a wish to be safe
Everything was unique and this was always my passion
The sweet smile which brought me back the good sleep
The way you sing songs for me
The way you show your love to me
These are only few bits which made me love you so much
Whether its a real feeling or an imagination
I wish to cherish these moments for my lifetime
Better I wish to live with these for the rest of my life.

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