Monday, 26 November 2007

Its time to ENJOY ! ! !

When you get what you really longed for years
The feeling you experience is not a normal thing
You believe that you are the king of the whole world
Looks like you have the magic in your fist
Playing with the fortune, you always keep winning
As long as the trump card is with you forever
Whether its a Coin, Car or a Calendar
Globe, Gold, or a Girl
If you feel its gonna give you what you want
Feel it as its with you
And I have started to feel as my angel is with me
And my life has started to blossom every day
Of course I do have storms blowing my way
Cyclones uprooting my stay
Floods thrashing me away
As long as my angel is in my heart
Its always my time only to Enjoy
Anywhere, Anytime, We got music and lets get hot !
All the nights when they come ! !
We break rules, Jump and shout ! ! !

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