Monday, 3 December 2007

Happy Days .....

Happy days are those when you feel happy
But are you really happy always...
One would be happy until things are going on well
But things arent always that way
Days pass by for sure
Not all the incidents are the same
Its the human's thinking which makes him happy
Who is bothered of the soul now a days
People generally are born, grow, reproduce, die
What else is meaningful in one's life
How many have started to walk in the path of the glory
Probably this is the time for the individual to wake up
There are instances and examples available all over the world
Good happenings are always present
Hardly visible to Human's naked eye
Even in the case of God who created the world
He had many wishes of his creation, which didn't happen
While the God failed to get what he really loved
What are we gonna face in our lives then ?
Its one's mind which let him take his life as
One can be happy no matter even he is hell
At the same time, he could feel lonely even in heaven
Its upto the thoughts which initiate this feeling
Every soul by origin wants to be happy
But the social animals have done too much in this world
Adding on many bugs to it, causing it to suffer
Its time to realise whats beyond our capabilities
Its time to start focussing on our spiritual wonders
Human being is a holy place where the God lives
No matter what and who the God is ...
Its the responsibility of the human being to keep it graceful
How many are doing it now in this fast moving world
Which is framed for the survival of the fittest
What brings happiness to people from this outside world
Nothing other than problems which help us to move towards Godliness
But still, its the choice of us to decide what we wanna do
Changes do occur in life but how drastic are they ?
Are they enough for to realise the need for the everlasting Bliss
Its not too late even now...
Better late than never...
Happy days are always happy until our Souls are happy
Lets have a wonderful peaceful earth in the future...

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