Tuesday, 11 December 2007

She was all but a Dream

I was dreaming about her last night
Smiling all through the dream
My face experiencing wonderful expressions
Many ups and downs in the feelings
Felt as If I was missing her a lot
All of a sudden tiny little ear drops
Rolling over my wrinkled cheeks
Who knows Whats happening now
What else could it be other than
She leaving me alone sealing with a kiss
Saying a Good bye for all I had wished
Life is not as same as before since she has left
Moving on there after might look simple
But what I leave behind makes it difficult

I don't miss her anymore like before
But I miss her for what I thought she was
Wish I could build a bridge over the river
Which is still streaming because of my tears
Nothing else is the reason other than my love
But why should I be sad for what is over
And not be glad that it was all mine once
Should I hate her because she has hurted me
Or Should I love her because she made me feel
Like no one else had done it before
Why am I afraid to lose her all of a sudden
When she is not even near to being mine
I have realised that I love her so much
When I want her to be happy always
Even though I'm not a bit of her happiness
Also realised that holding on to something
Is what people liked to do, to show they are strong
But letting your best wish to go Would show
That theres nothing in this world to hurt us anymore

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