Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Is that an accident ?

Looked like an accident when I first saw her
The beautiful face with expected features on it
Never wished to see such a similar one in my life
As it would ruin my feelings so deep in my heart
Very fortunate when my heart started to float
Though having been flooded by strange blows

As years passed by, happen to meet the same girl
Probably not an accident this time
Expected to meet but definitely not in such a place
Butterflies flying inside me
Thousands of lights dazzling around
Bells ringing on continuously
Man, that was a graceful experience
Not many in the world could get it
I'm fortunate yet again to spend time with such a person
Didnt realise it was love when I was with her
The moment I left her , felt as if I was losing weight
It was nothing but my heart
Felt so light that I could easily fly
Looking for my angel again
Thought if it was true love, it would come back to me

As months passed by, happen to talk to her
Never thought that we are made for each other
Just exchagned a hi and a bye...
But still something was disturbing
Thought it was only from my end
But was conveyed it was same from her end as well
Never realised that we fell into love
Talking about the future of being together
Without expressing our love to each other
Realising finally, hey whats happening...
Are we in love with each other
The answer was nothing but a silence
Of course it really meant YES
Gradually took off with a sweet smile
Then back to the feelings again.

As weeks passed by, Love started to weaken
As intrusions occuring frequently
Though meaningless, did actually have the impact
Decided to quit from the relationship
We tried our best from both ends
Gave up personal interests for each other
For the betterment of each others' lives
But didnt last long, though planned to quit
Can't say we were pulled back into the relationship
But our hearts felt so to be together
Amidst of our longing expectations

As days passed by, she felt that its not gonna work
How many twists could one take in his life
Can't just die again and again
Can't be a friend one day,
Can't be a loverboy other day finally
Can't just hate her for her reactions
I would always love her the same way
As I loved her from the very beginning
Can't blame others for whats been happening
I enjoy being hurt by the angel which I loved a lot
Its my privilege to get myself broken by her

I don't want her to give it all up
And leave her own life collecting dust
And I don't want her to feel sorry for me
She never gave a chance to be
And I don't need her to be by my side
To tell me that everything is alright
I just wanted her to tell me the truth
She knows I would do that for her
But why is she running away from me ?

As things pass by, what does she expect from me
To fight against all odds to be there for her
Is she afraid of something which is not possible
As far as she is not true to her heart
In asking for what she wants
It wouldnt be easy for her to reach there
Thought I was there for her
But she doesnt need me anymore
Closing the doors, shutting her heart
Its no point disturbing her anymore
Having been praised as a cheat, as a disloyal person
For just keeping her name clean
This is all I could for the accident I met with
A sweet one but definitely not the best one for her
Wish she gets the best in her life
Though she once wished to marry only me
Its upto the fate to offer what she is destined to get
Can't say whether I would be lucky or not
After all I'm not a person who worries a lot
Things are meant to happen will happen
No matter whether its an accident or an incident
And she has taught me to face the consequences
Without wearing a mask but with my feelings
She has did a world of good to me
Feeling guilty that I couldnt do anything similar
All I could do is give her a bit of peace of mind
Wishing her the best in her life always.

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