Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Story repeats.... How Funny.....

Finally there rung the bell
Not the one in the temple
Not the one in the church
But from the telephone this time
After a long phase
Reason behind it, the same story....

Expectations sound to be silly,
Me after going after Gods,
Highly impossible...
People prefer religious personalities
Rather true human beings
World is heading to a strange stage
where characters are no more important but beliefs

She says she is happy
But still feeling bad about me
If she is not interested in me
Whats the point in giving me a bell
Does she want me to goto hell
I'm a person who would be happy even in hell
She wants me to smile, but how could I
She wants to not to be sad just because of her
She wants me not to feel for anything
What all she wants ? Me to be really happy
Never, she wants to put up a fake face

Who is she to advice me ?
What is she to me in my life
An angel from my perspective view
And a normal girl from hers
Things are not true from her end she says
Can't see that we get along in the future
Is she a priest ? Then why she was in love
Explains me that she is too a human
Have feelings for me too
But can't get along with me together in life
How funny,,, funny my life for others
She came in, my heart blossomed
She filled up my heart with her feelings
She then left away like a lightning
Leaving my heart bleeding

How could she do this to me
I Don't expect her to love me
I Don't expect her to be my friend
At least I expect her not to hurt me
She can't be my lover girl
She can't be my good friend
What does she want then ?
Also she keeps adding that she is happy
She doesnt love me at all
All she has is a sympathy now
Let me take this in the right way
I don't want to feel sorry for myself
I don't want to pity myself
I'm more better than before
I'm living a better meaningful life

All I wish to ask her only one thing
Promise me that she will always be the same
No matter what destiny brings for us
She will always NOT be my LOVE
Men's words are words and not like women's
Never in my life... Lying .... Atleast for couple of years
Let me not love yet another girl
Let me keep my heart safe
How funny, theres nothing to guard
My heart is broken to pieces
All I have to do is mend it to look like the same
Which could love again someone in my life
Infact build my heart to bear the blows

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