Friday, 21 September 2007

Where are you ?

Oh my Angel why did you step into my life
Making my eyes blind to have no more vision
The moment you showered the light
My life was torn into pieces
Not because it was too harsh
But was very much kind
My hurt heart couldnt bear its bliss

You are my only thoughts
The moment I wake up each morning
Checking for the missed calls and messages
Dropping like a dead man back to my bed
Feeling your voice which only still remains
Screaming and yelling my feelings were dead
Awaiting you back keeping my eyes open
With flames set off to show you my pain

There was a time when the world was waiting for the first rain
Like the Gods who were waiting for the festival to begin
Same as the poets who were longing for the best of his lyrics
But if do the same awaiting your return, my love would still prolong
Wish I had never seen you in my life
Let me not beat about the bush once again
Can't guess whether to follow the prophet's words
letting the love to go away and awaiting its return
Will you come back to me ? ? ?
Only if its true that you love me to the core
Only if you can't live without my presence
In the love's war I can't die so soon
If so atleast I wish you are my last vision

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