Friday, 21 September 2007

Feelings for you ..........

If you are not big enough to lose
You are not big enough to win
I have lost a couple already
Its time for me to win so be ready
The important thing is to love
Rather than to be loved
I have felt the same, Do you ?

A ship in the harbour is safe
but that is not what ships are built for
Same as hearts are safe if its not let gone
but that is not what heart is made for
Person could survive physically if a brain is dead
But not definitely if his heart is arrested
Thats why people relates love to heart rather than brain
But people still are after their brain
Confusing themselves with relationships
Oh what could I do apart from feeling sorry for them

The secrets of happiness is to make others
Believe that they are the cause of it
What bliss is all about is to make others
Feel what they are to you...
Destiny is not the matter of chance we wait for
But a matter of choice we make

Its just too late to say sorry
May be you should have tried a little sooner
May be you should have thought before you acted then
We wouldn't be in this situation in the first place
Now it is just a little too late to go back
Nothing is going to ever make this right again
I'm sorry I can't be the one to forgive you
But we have been through this too many times
And I don't want to hear your apologies
As they cut my heart, slit my throat
Knowing that its all just another lie
I know you can't live without me
But you are worried without giving a try

The title of a very best friend
Is given to precious few
The ones who give love and support
In all that they say and do
The ones you call to dry your eyes
Build your confidence up or
Even to just chat for a bit
If only to say "Whats up?"
The extreme importance of a very best friend
Can't be measured in any way
Except in the actions you show to them
And in every word that you say
That is how I know my friend
From all that you have done and do
That the title of my very best friend
Is deserving only for you ! ! !

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KK said...

The best of today's blog...thoughts have become mature..and it has come out with the right choice of words !!