Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A Room in my Heart for YOU ! ! !

My heart was once just like a home
With many rooms and open doors
And I always let love in
It would change the rooms around and then
Leave them empty

Untill one by one I locked each door
And soon forgot what love was for
But I never gave up hoping
So I left just one door open
In case you found me

So there is a room in my heart for you
If your trust has been stolen too
If you walk softly on this worn out wooden floor
And leave behind you the hurt you have had before
There is a room in my heart for you

We will paint the walls from blue to white
And set the mood by candlelight
Together we will keep out the cold
And I will still be there when we are old
If you will let me

So there is really a big room in my small heart for you for sure! ! !

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