Friday, 21 September 2007

Sorry for what ?

Who do you think you are, leaving me stranded
You've gone too far, you're too demanding
How many times, how many chances
Should I let you take me for granted
You believed that love is a silly word
Before you break my heart
Let me get my head start
But when you're leaving don't forget to say no goodbye to me
Don't come back to me this time saying you're sorry, that you love me
And when you're leaving don't forget to leave your past away
Don't think I can't take care of me
You'll be sorry, you'll be sorry
That's what hurts me more and more
Life is not as what you think
Would shower more pain before we wink

You had my soul but you went past it
So in control, so demanding
When you were mine, thought it would've lasted
Even though you're fine, don't think I can't manage
This is not the first time
When someone has been true to me
Thanks for being a good mate
I would take this as the fate.
You are good I know you are
but lies and deceat, they won't get you far
my victory being true to you is your defeat
and you're not gonna get the credit you need
Be true to you and not the others
Ask you heart what to do rather your brain
What am i gonna ask you, after all this pain
Fingers crossed, hearts barred, brain dead,
All I wished was to be your best friend,
And you silly girl couldnt even understand
You will feel sorry for yourself,
Like the others do that to themselves.

I love you more than before
Not because you were good to me
Just becase you are still a silly girl
Who keeps confusing things on and on
Its nice to be with you sharing the pain
But that was more than a personal gain
Love and life is not like what we think
It comes and goes no matter how we try to stop
Its not in our hands what we do
I could have easily made you feel better
Pulled you back to the same relationship
But love is not what we demand
Its natural straight from the heart
More powerful than anything else
No matter they are dozens of Gods,
They are all but foot to our heart
A Powerful heart has its own world
Thanks for letting me know
I have a weak one the weakest among all

Empty bottles on the window pain
They have been lying there for days
The clock on the wall ran out of batteries
It's been like its been there for weeks
Tripping by myself on lazy afternoon
I've got all of me thinking about you
Why do I still keep looking at my phone
Are you gonna ring me one day....
Not for the time being i know for sure
But could u all say...
A big sorry once again ?
Dont feel sorry for me honey
Its you whom i'm worrying all about
Wish you get the best among all
Please do not think I hate you to the core
More silly you are,More I love you than before.

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