Saturday, 29 September 2007

They may forget...

There were days where we knew each other
Still were minding our own work schedule
Never thought that we might meet again
As the Life is a full of uncertainities
We met again in a much more similar scenario
Can't guess whether its fate or coincidence
The things we preferred and liked
Seem to match, but still that looked the same
All nothing but a series of incidents
As tiny drops make an ocean
These moments slowly built our relationship
But where did it take us to ?
A life of miserable events
As usual hurting more the men's life

Feeling a bit jealous of such women
Who can blame the fate and carry on with their lives
I have been warned several times
Not to believe in women's love
But I was also advised not to generalise
I want to take the shame and blame
When things go wrong because of my choice
Where I always preferred to take a chance
As this life with love will have few thorns
But a life without it will have no roses

I can't guess whether she loved me truly
But all I should be content with is
My true and sincere love for her
Never guessed anyone could love so blindly
Yet been hurt before a few times
Love is a crazy thing, where your brain don't work
Love is a like a song and you dance to it
Once you have completely thrown yourself into it

She says that she loved me from bottom of her heart
Is that true or Was it true ?
No matter whats had been said or done
Its now the past in my love history
Angels come in , fall in love and leave so quick
Love and me are sailing on the opposite sides of the sea
All I need now is to get hold of the sails
So that I could make things work for me

What did I do to her ?
What did she do to me ?
Can't say whether I have caused the same pain
As she caused me with her expressive feelings
Never guessed anyone to be more sincere than me
Now she has blown away my ego
But what she says now...
Were they all just words and nothing from her heart
How could they do it ?
Or were they all true straight from her soul
Doesnt matter what she is feeling now

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