Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Simran adds life to my world

its been days since
had a heavy heart
felt the need of the pillow
felt the stomach full
felt a poetic touch
killed the time longing for someone special
felt the presence of a lucky star
felt restless even while asleep
felt more ambitious than before
felt the life more better than before
oh what could i say...
this angel of my heart has added a life to my world.
Simran o Simran, where are you ?
things are not so far from you
a cute smile, a sweet sigh,
has made such a big difference...
all i could say is that this is not me
as i'm born once again ! ! !

1 comment:

xy said...

indha ponna simran nu engala namba solriya? vera yaar maadhiriyo illa iruku!!!!!!!!!!