Friday, 21 September 2007

Is she my Angel ?

Walking along the beach I suddenly stop
Sitting down I get lost in myself
Talking I suddenly fall silent
Is this my sincere love for you

Can't guess Why I die for you
Don't know Why I do this
In narrow streets I walk along trying to hide
From the whole world , I seem to be afraid

The world is full of hatred,
Even then hearts will desire
Even if they die , get bashed out
The ones who love, their love will stay alive
Forever and ever, no matter what happens

My angel has stolen me from myself
Hidden me somewhere in her heart
Being alone , fear I might get lost
Far from her , I might go
The she comes closer to me
To put her arms around my neck
Thought it was pure love
Later realised it was just to strangle
Like a mom killing her baby
Inspite the kid weeping for mercy
Is this what we call love
Is she my Angel ?
Hard to say yes, as she is helpless
Don't have any other option
As she performs a mercy killing rather
Than a strangling cruel massacre.

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