Saturday, 29 September 2007

Keep hanging on....

On the roads of love what blows have I taken
All my dreams broke, a cloudiness has come about
Every happiness has gone to sleep and my life is lost now
I fell in love with you once again so I received punishment
Is this what people get when they respect true love
Or is it only me who experience such a blow

In my dreams I had seen a shawl
In my hands now the glass of broken dreams
Are piercing my eyes but still looking out for you
Even the woozing blood distrupts my vision
Yesterday someone was here, now there is no one
My breath is wavering like that of a snake
What a special experience this loneliness has given me
How many tears it has brought upon my lashes
How many times my heart has wrecked so far now

Why did I have such a hope
That was so unfulfilled
I made my destination far
So only to lose the light half way through
Now where do I go, who do I explain it to
Expect somone to share the pain,
Who cares.... of course certain people do
But is that what I preferred ?
What I wanted and why in my destiny came
Loneliness, loneliness, like a smokestorm of darkness
I always liked to be liked by others
But things aren't always as what we preferred

Being lonely is not a new thing for me
All my life I have enjoyed equally
The two extremes of life
A lonely tree which is thick
Hard to have a broken heart
A tiny flower blossoming along
With thousands of other flowers
Its been always same for me...
And after all such experience,
I prefer to be alone exploring more
No matter others call me Mr. Lonely
I love to keep hanging on to this loneliness...
Oh Love, Oh Loneliness , What have you done to me ?

1 comment:

sreeja said...

wen i saw it it was really horrible but later after sum time i started laughing at it.nothing else.