Thursday, 20 September 2007

Time ! The Best Medicine

Its been a mirage what ever i have felt and seen
A castle built with all my dreams
blown away just by a small breeze
Could see trees,branches including the flowers of love
but very unfortunate couldn't smell is fragrance
Couldnt see even my foot traces on the way i have walked through
As same as I couldnt see how i started the relationship with you
The moments when we shared the bliss and our pain
Seem to be just like an unsolvable riddle

We could change our lives once again
Even can come closer by feeling each other
Truth's painful scar would still remain
We could change our clothes, wear new outfit
Move to a new place, laugh forgetting the past
The tears our hearts shed would still not stop
Thanks for letting me to have the chance again
To Realise the love's feel after a many years
To live the same old wonderful life
Couldn't remember my childhood days with my mates
Theres no limit for your love's feelings
As I long to cry hugging you once again.

The cycle of life could meet again
Not the lovers love once its broken
Reading through one of my best poems
Could find flaws not just one but many
Death could only kill a person only once
This Cruel love kills me for every glance of her
The dreams i dreamt of her with me
Days and nights with her beside and over me
These memories are more than enough
Until I rest in peace....
Thank you, Thanks ever so much
For being a part of my life

Though I could understand that
Moments which we shared together for years
couldnt be wiped out with just our tears
The trees which shed the flowers
Would do the same once again
As the sun rises every day
Its all about the matter of time
As I always feel
Time is really the best medicine.....
Why don't I grow old soon.....

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