Friday, 28 September 2007

What does she want ?

She doesnt want me to feel for the past
She doesnt want me to cry out my stress
She doesnt want me to speak out to people
She doesnt want me to think about it
What does she want me to do then ?
She says she is still a human with feelings
And who am I then, an ET from mars ?

She says not to generalise women
But now she has again joined the same elite group
Ditching and playing with men's life
Its not the matter whether you play it safe or not
Its all that matters where you are gonna hurt

Pick the men before you play,
Tell you what , no matter how cruel men where before
They wont be the same after they have fallen in love
Love is the cruel thing when its doing the killing
And its for sure that men can't take it as the way women do.
All she wants is my death and my resurrection.... Not again...

1 comment:

sreeja said...

watever written i the passage was true and rite as for as i concern. dont ever men shd believe gals and at the same time gals also shd not believe men.This is the true and women r different and character may same change any time as there like.nothing bad abt gals r guys to comment as ur.dont change for others r anybody.