Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Reminds me of ....

Manasa vittu sirichu romba naalaachu, ipdiyum sila per...
What are they trying to say...
Isnt there anything else other than divine love
Probably this is for the immatured ones
Who have not done justice to their roles
If people are drifted to one particular religion
This world would torn apart into pieces
Where people wouldnt be reluctant to respect others
Then India would no more be a securalistic country
If it was a religius country,
Where would the other religions go ?
Its high time we start thinking about the humankind
Rather than the personal religious beliefs.
No God has asked to hide your true feelings
No God has asked to hurt a true human being
No God has not asked anyone to stop loving from their heart
Its all the people who interpret things in a strange way
Time would answer for all these issues ?
Who knows who's gonna change
It might be either me or the other
No matter what happens,
All these issues remind me of us
Where its not easy for me to forget her

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