Monday, 22 October 2007

Happy Birthday

You have come into my life
Like the wonderful moment
Wonder what world you come from
You remind me of the forgotten past
You have taken over my very being
Are you real ?
Or still an illusion ?
You have invaded my very being
I'm still the same so is the moment
Yet, never was this frenzy before
Your heartebeat is fragrant
And I'm lost in your love

My deeds either good or bad
They moved with me
They stopped with me
My deeds forever shaddowed me
My destiny you have written
Its your mercy the man depends on
You are kind
You say nothing
In an idol of stone
You dwell to the human
You have given us sorrow
You have granted us heaven
You have given a heart
You have given the man back his Glory

The monsoon has brought a message
May we be bound to each other
May the rain of happiness fall on us
The breeze too started to speak
May your marriage procession be decorated
May the procession move like the moment of the moon
I wish to attach feathers and fly
Become a cloud and touch the very sky
The wind of the rain has spoken
It has taken away my sleep now

A dream has awakened in my awakened eyes
My mind dances too
It says subtly in this strange wolrd
There is someone close to me
At the beautiful seashore
Under the shadow of some mountain
A house is seen
Till the time I'm alive
You would stay in my heart
Thats your house
Your words are as innocent
As the aroma of the flowers I bloomed
The whole world turned aromatic
And my life has turned around
With your love filling me completely
What else could I do
Other than giving back you the happiness

What else could be my best birthday gift for you
Which is not selfish at all
Praying for what you wished to be
Sacrificing the ones I was longing for
There is always a sweet feeling
When I lose the best in mine
For the best of your heart
Wishing you a really really Happy Birthday
Wished never would disturb you again

But who knows, as the life is full of uncertainities
Yet again, We might be bound together
Like the sun and the light
Probably like the sea and the waves
Though the waves might try to run away from the sea
All it could do is going back to the place it came from
For that reason it doesnt stop waving
Its its nature to keep flushing out
Same as the hearts which keep falling in love
Love is not a sin as others consider
I feel proud in falling in love
As that could be the best compliment
Ever anyone could be rewarded.

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