Monday, 8 October 2007

Life has turned around...

My whole world has turned around
Ever since you walked into my life
No more lonely days
And no more lonely nights
Ever since I met you, honey
Everything is so right, yes it is

You got everything, baby
Any man could want from a woman
Let me lay my everything, honey
I wanna lay it on you for sure
My everything right down on you

I know what you need
I know what you like
I got it right here
You are so nice and you turn me on
If you want my love, you turn me on
Baby, it's waitin' for you
Just lay your body down
There's nothing I wouldn't do

Guess you are still confused
As days slowly going far away from you
Nothing is too late
As something is done before it is
You are an angel
As always I praise you
Thanks for everything
Thanks for changing my world
Thanks for turning it around
Thanks for all the things
Thank you very much...

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