Monday, 29 October 2007

Are you my Destiny ?

I like the way you talk to me
Your words are as sweet as gold
And if you were ever to leave my world
My life would seem so cold
And I know you have someone
And I will be patient
Coz one day you will be mine
Where you would take your own time

I like the thoughts you are giving me
Coz you are my destiny
One day I will hold you in my arms
And you will give it to me
Can't guess whether I really want you
Honey every time I see your face
It feels like a sunny day
And if you wanted to be with me
I won't let you get away
But you don't have to hold on
Coz I know something's going on
Coz I want to be with you
Guess you too want the same

You know a woman like you is all I ever wanted
But not exactly you but some girl like you
I feel its not easy to trace out a girl like you
So sincere in the relationship
Feeling for the ones who are even gonna leave
Praying for the ones who are gonna hurt you
Its hard to find an angel like you
Out of all the riches in the world
All I want is you to be my girl
Its because its just only for you
I will run to the end of the world
Never felt like doing something for someone so bad
Doesn't mean that others are not needed
But at the same time, it shows me
That you are all I want and you are all I need

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