Monday, 22 October 2007

Give me a hug once....

My love for you was the one
That brought my heart to life
That has ruined my heart now
Of sufferance my heart wept
I have been punished for falling in love
And what sin have I committed ?
I have been ruined yet again
for falling in love with you
Devastated I have been
by being true to you
Strange is love also so cruel
Where happiness lasts but for a few moments
Sorrows one gets
And lonely one is
Tears and sorrow, grief and grievances it entails
Your face it is that I see everywhere
Your memories torment me all the day
Your face haunts me so bad
Even in the darkness of the nights

The love I used to see
In those of your eyes for me is no more
Not only you have changed
But the circumstances too
Can't blame you for any reason
Can't hate you for any season
You loved me and it was for love
I would sail across the seven seas
But I'm afraid that I cannot cover
The very small distance between us now
I showed how love is unstoppable
Probably you have done the same to me
But it would be our life partners
Who could teach us better to abide by it
To fulfull the vow of marriage
That they will give us all happiness
Its then that we would realise
That true love is all but sacrifice

When you feel you are left alone
Please don't look at me like that anymore
As you will fall in love with me again
Keep away as I look horrible when I cry
All I could do now is to talk to my angel
The same old angel of my heart
Guess it listens to me, atleast now
I have been talking since childhood
Everybody told me that my angel was no more
But I kept you alive in my heart
I never asked anything from you
Except you, but now it looks as if you have left
But I ask you for something for the last time
Dont refuse me
Just hug me once in my heart, please ! ! !

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