Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Motivation - Its always after a feminine subject

Be the lady you love when you are young
Be the Country you are proud of
Be the affection you have for the family
Its all feminine in nature
But leads you to reach the glory
Behind every man's success
There have been always a woman
And it need not be a girl every time
But her form would do the needful
Though the love for the girl is lost
The love you had for her will be live for sure
And take you to the heights
Where you would get a better one
Just to let you know that
Theres nothing like the Only love
As in the story of life
There are many aspects of love
But unfortunately all a man could see is
Just one which will fade out soon
Theres more meaning in life to be explored
And only such bad experiences would take you high
Lets not deny the failures of life
And greet it with our deepest regards

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