Friday, 14 March 2008


There were songs sung for you
There were complaints against all others
There were stories portraying our love
Finally there were our words
Inscribed in the pages of the history
Yet forgotten but not its memories
Which are after your divergence from my life
Life is not the same since the day you left
Those flowers which were brought for you
Lie on the ground crushed and dead
Those bonds which we had together
All are gone now by the wind
The mirror which we looked at together
Is now shattered down to pieces
All I could see now is just you
No matter where I am and what I am
Your presence uproots me with its essence
In this materialistic world,
All of us are the victims of memories
A bit of sadness, a bit of madness
Added together with a bit of success and joy
Which are from us and at times we are from them
Life has become a cycle of feelings
With loads of ups and downs
One has to just pass through it
Yielding not to one's temptations.

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