Sunday, 2 March 2008

Hatred towards its own citizens

Let it be the other countries or its own country, the tamizh speaking citizens are always ill treated humiliated and denied their basic needs. The money gave away by them are burgled and at the same time when it comes to sacrifice, its the same people.

Shocking information are spread now a days as the media is becoming very powerful than before and there are different deviations available now a days for the people to focus off from the prevailing situation. Cricket tournaments, Beauty contests, Films but who is bothered about the truth.

Be whether its SriLanka or Malaysia, the tamizh native people are being tortured, taken away their rights and adding to the insult its own country India is not doing anything much different from other nations. When it comes to kargil war, Tamil Nadu has given more financial support than any other state, but while asking for the agreed water from karnataka its yet to make a firm decision. Also a similar story prevails with the water issue from kerala and many more like the illegal land occupation by the keralates in the region which comes under the Tamil Nadu government.

Now who is to blame ? LTTE for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi... How funny, whats gonna be their motive ? If they could do that, they could have done many more, but its high time to think who might be, behind the scenes.

India have always considered that the triangular mountain located in srilanka would be the best route to attack India by any nation which has the permission to have their base in it, therefore instead of pleading to the srilankan government's request like before ( where they agreed to smuggle the tamizh native settlers overseas just because pakistan was trying to attain the base there during the indo pak war and india was offered the benefit by the above agreement) the government prefer not to intervene between LTTE and the Srilankan government. Unless the commission is ready to disclose the white report to the public, the CIA might as well be blamed. As it has been always the CIA's hand in any of the previous assassinations of the great leaders, where the American government never liked the Rajiv led government in India.

At the end of the day, who is bothered about all these things, where there are lots of amusements being available around the world to enjoy and making more money out of it. No matter whatever the issue it might be, its based on money, whether its religion, sport or politics.

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