Monday, 4 February 2008

Happy to say a Good Bye

When you say that you wish to be mine
Have got no words to explain what I feel
The same way when you prefer to quit
Feel like killing myself yet again
How long this is gonna keep happening
You were the one to give me a different feeling
Also you gave me the intolerable pain
Like the angel passing by, While I was asleep
You just came into my life
Just to leave me so quick
Unable to bear the scars in the heart
Without you being my side
Even the sun is so dark
How long could I tell you that
Its you who can keep me happy
It might be stupid enough to long
For something which might not occur
What so ever it might happen
I have given a word to my heart
Not to give up, no matter how hopeless
How disastrous the situations are
Histories are not made over night
Nothing is achieved straight away
Without a fight, without a pain
And if it was, it will not bear any fruit
But why one has to fight for something always
Whats wrong in liking or loving someone
I'm not greedy to ask for everything
A reasonable liking, a normal feeling
A genuine attitude, what else could one ask
Can blame only the world's system
There might be different ways to console
Either taking or leaving, its not just a normal thing
To consider the life as it goes
One soul's liking should take the top priority

My heart is heavy since I felt your love
Fully loaded with your memories
Though they are all sweet, can't hold it for long
Waiting for you all alone to share the same
The Honey which don't ooze out from the flowers
The flowers which don't dance with the wind and
Me without you by my side would all fall one day
Not withstanding to the prevailing conditions
Can't say when I'm gonna meet you
Till then my words for you will be all silent
Though your eyes speak a lot,
My heart doesn't bother to utter a word
Not because its not worth it
But patiently awaiting the right time
Though my heart is completely filled with you
The feeling which it gives me is great
Which I would take it to my grave
Wish I never meet you again
Looks like I have lived my life already
Fulfilling my desires of all my previous births

I can see you in others
When they speak to me
No matter whether they are good or bad
Their words reflect your presence
Probably having common names and ideas
Might be the reason for these issues
From the day greeting till going to bed
Your memories all chasing me wild
Also the dreams singing songs about you
What else could I do
You are my history for sure
But what if you are also my future
Wish I could see you always
The way you smile, you walk, you talk
Looks like I have been with you for years
How long this is gonna last
Painful life painful feeling
Oh what all sins have I done so far
Am I adding more to it or clearing them all
Can't guess whats happening around
But certain things are true and known
The love I have for you is the best thing
I have ever had in my life
Looks like I'm bluffing about the relationship
Which is not true of course
As I'm just exhibiting what I feel
This is not to pull you back
Make you feel bad that I'm longing for you
I have found a poet in me
Only after falling in love with you
It might be the right thing
Or the worst ever thing to do
I don't mind what others feel about it
I just wanna ease the pain in my life
As I have enough of it already

Wish i throw away the heart from my body
Talk to it, not to love you so badly
Hope it would listen to what I say
And if not let me throw it away
Rather than keeping it with me to miss you
Or leave it for the spectators to view
This heart which is in love is so painful
And I wish to be happy always
Which are both contradictory to each other
So I do live like a man with a love
Rather than a machine without a feel
Where my feelings are to be peeled
What else could I do to make you feel
That my love for you is so pure and real
There might be various reasons to say no
And I could still convince each one of them
But whats the point in explaining what I'm to you
When we both know each other so well
Probably we might think that we are wrong
Still we could assume one way or the other
Imagine if the world is gonna end soon
What would be our decisions
Of course I would be happiest person
Bothering least about such issues
I would get ready to say a big good bye

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