Saturday, 16 February 2008

The River Ganges - A Self Purifying System

National Public Radio reported: New scientific evidence supports the claim that water flowing in India's holy Ganges river -- where millions of people bathe daily -- has special self-purifying properties, which act as a disinfectant that kills bacteria, and prevents disease. In the fourth installment of a six-part series recorded for NPR, independent film producer Julian Crandall Hollick investigated the claim that the Ganges had something special in its water, which he called the 'mysterious X factor'.


The report stated, 'Hindus have always believed that water from India's Ganges River has extraordinary powers. The Indian emperor Akbar called it the 'water of immortality' and always traveled with a supply. The British East India Co. used only Ganges water on its ships during the three-month journey back to England, because it stayed 'sweet and fresh'.' Hollick found a retired professor of hydrology, DS Bhargava, who has been investigating water samples from various parts of the river. He says that the oxygen levels in the Ganges' are '25 times higher than any other river in the world', which gives it its self-purifying quality. Hollick also interviewed Jay Ramachandran, a Molecular biologist and entrepreneur in Bangalore, who explained why the Ganges doesn't spread disease among its bathers. The high amount of oxygen in the water helps assimilate organic materials, and helpful bacteria destroys harmful bacteria Large amounts of people bathing in the river seems to stimulate the helpful bacteria to act upon the bacteria that is harmful to humans.

The Ganges alone out of all of the world's rivers is a self-purifying system.

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