Thursday, 7 February 2008

Visitors' Recognition

Started by 6th February 2007 it the first anniversary of the blog and its time to recognize the loyal visitors who were behind the success. In general there were visitors from all over the world.

Out of which there were few visitors who not only liked the way the articles are scripted onto the web but also in one way or the other encouraged me to do better.

There was also an unknown visitor, who preferred to use my photograph on her personal blog not only praising me for my spelling mistakes and syntax errors, but also for coming up with the idea of focusing on world peace rather than the religious warfare.

Apart from the above mentioned visitor, most of the others were known to me and among them one cute little sweet heart was always curious about the topic which was frequently discussed on the blog. That curiosity made me to draft better scripts and include few software codings to track visitors whereabouts which are nothing but their IP addresses.
There is always a girl behind every man's success is true in my case as well. I would dedicate this success of my blog not only to my friends who were my moral support when I had hiccups but also to my lovable sweetie pie who has got the name which is feminine in Sanskrit, meaning delightful, beautiful or night and masculine in Hebrew, meaning God is exalted. Also biblically speaking this name was a contemporary of Ezra in the Old testament.

So what is special through out my blog, well it was love all over and few documentary based articles which pulled up enormous visitors through search engines, which is of course the hot page visited by anyone.

As of now everything has gone well and good during the first year of my blogspot experience, and with your wishes and concerns hope I fare well in the forth coming year as well.

Thanks once again for all the support and guidance which you all gave me to secure an unique place in the history.

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