Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Falling in Love .

Its nice to fall in love
And though it hurts most of the time
What one yields at the end of the day
Is what he can take it for his lifetime
It seems like its worth dying for it
When the hope seems to elope
When the heart breaks into pieces
Something strange like a miracle
Helps one to fix all those life's mess

Oh let the barriers be broken
Once for all for the sake of love
Let there be no one to lay the rules
Let everything be so true
Like the birds and the animals
Have no boundaries in expressing their love
Let there be just one nature's rule
Which is all nothing but Love
If that could happen at the cost of my life
Let my it be sacrificed for this sake
And let the world stay awake
Giving birth to a world of peace
A world of affection and love
With no obsession or aggression
Let it be all so pure and divine
Let there be peace everywhere
With eternal bliss all over
Let the mankind enjoy its presence

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