Friday, 15 February 2008

Crazy all about you Honey ! ! !

The days which I spent with you
Are not the ones to be forgotten
The cute and sweet smile
Took me almost to the eternity
What a girl on earth she is
So true and authentic as an angel
Wish she is mine one day
As my dreams have always been only a dream
As far as I long for them
Why don't I start hating you soon
so that you come to me like the full moon
My heart started to beat for you
when I saw you for the first time
Then It slowly started to think about you
Later it all of a sudden started to sing songs
Praising the essence of your kind nature
Though the same kindness kept crushing my heart
And now my heart has started to bleed
Have tried many ways to stop the feelings dying
What else could I do other than deviating my pain
The girl who has unwillingly ruined my heart
Not with the intention to hurt but love

The world is coming to an end
No one knows how long their life would be
And still they have their own fanciful boundaries
Stopping their feelings to be shown
How long could one prolong with such a situation
Can't wait for the day when I would hold your hand
All of paradise would be mine that day
As close as sky is to the clouds
As close as fragrance is to the breath
As close as melody is to the lips
As close as the twists and turns of the thoughts
As close as the arms entwined
As close to me as my dreams
Why don't you stay close to me
As my life's companion and make my life complete

Have read many love stories
Have teased many lovers of their past
And now I have realised and learned
That love is so crazy
With which I can't stay alone
Where I prefer to die holding your sweet face
Looking at your catchy eyes
Where else could I go
Leaving your memories away
And wherever I go, still your name keeps chasing me
While watching a movie your are there in it
While moving to a friend's place still you are there
Even through the mails I get
I still find your presence through others
This shows how you have conquered me
Just by doing very little
But a great thing by showing your love
And what has happened now
Why there's a vast distance between us baby

Still couldn't forget those sweet days
When we had the ice creams together
Where your smile was more sweet than the ice cream
And your voice is still very much appealing
Though compared with my favourite songs
I would rather lose them all for your voice
There were days when I longed to look at you
Sitting in front of you admiring you
I dont know what's happening to me
I feel that I'm totally lost in you
I know you too have fallen in love
And you might deny it for a million times
But I can feel in my heart that
Our love will live as long as we live
And why all these funny things going around
All these days I was waiting for you to turn back
But you kept going in your way
Now when my heart wanted to stop you
You have gone so far away
Why can't I travel back with the time
So that I wouldn't let you go past me
Love hurts me so much and this isn't its job
Can't wait so long for a miracle to take place
Can't guess what so ever is gonna materialize
And no matter what happens,
I will keep fighting for my love
Though I still feel my love is crazy
Yes, Crazy all about you my honey.

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