Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Will you be mine ?

By just keeping quiet, smiling a bit
you are burning my heart down to ashes
why did u crush my heart at the very beginning
Don't know who is playing with me
Either you or the almighty
Though others praised my love
To the purity of the natural gold
As that of the drops of the first rain
Day and night thinking of you
Scripting out numerous lines
What are these gonna do to me
Trying to draft out the music from the noise
What else could I do
When you shed your tears longing for me

Now its been a month out on the road
Touring down the university around
My head spinning always thinking of you
Looks like its going to explode one day
Something has got my face in a frown
As I can't stand the crying sound
Of the thunder that's crushing down
Stream of tears rolling down the cheeks
My reflection on the mirror looks different now
Though I'm walking far away from you
You are still growing bigger and bigger
Can't differentiate between
Loving, craving and needing someone
Which all has happened with you and me
then why are we still wandering around
Blaming others and their inconveniences

Guess I have nullified all my sins
By going through this hell of stresses
I just wanna be your shade even when its burning hot
Giving you enough comfort, though i would die slowly
Also I wish I was your shadow when you were lonely
Showing you that you are not alone when I'm there
The light of our love will sparkle even in the storm
walking on the thorns, burning in the fire
We would meet one day for sure
No matter who ever stops
Its between you and me to take it any further
At times I too felt like giving it up
As the pressure was building up
But the love I had for you made me strong enough
Since then everything else has changed
And I will never be the same as before
Being the lover gladiator, I will fight for your shore
Flowing like the tides again and again
Can't imagine yet another place to stay
Will you be mine as I always pray ?

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