Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Reminds me of you...

Whatever I do, wherever I go..
Its you and your words shower me
Is it not the same case with you
Who knows whats happening around
As far as we don't share anything
Its just an imagination of what it could be
Its not easy to fight the battle
All alone that too without a sword
With just the feelings by my side
What else could I do ?
Got only couple of choices to make
Either forget the past and go on
Or remain with the same stuff
Neither of these choices would be good
As far as I don't do anything towards it
The first choice might be easier
But might not be wise to choose
The second one is a bit tough at the beginning
But sure of making a history

Whats the point in pulling someone back
No matter whats the relationship
Love with the force will not last long
And me being a devotee of the lovely heart
Can't do anything which would hurt it
But my heart is humiliated now
Inspite different deviations
Its still singing the same song
Preaching the same words
Listening to the same music
Oh my goodness, whats love had done to me

She doesn't know how it hurts
As I don't express much about my feelings
Wish I always smiled at everything
Though have the confidence to reach it one day
Its all but a matter of time to pass by
Not by sitting idle, but winding up the chord
With strings of heartbreaks and wounds
Being more matured and static with the feelings
I will make the history in the world of love
As a soldier dedicating his life to the motherland
As a student obeying to his master
As a child surrendering to his parents' love
I will have an eternal life with the soul
Which I'm longing to be with

People might choose to be hanged to death
Slaughtered by slitting their throats
Instead of not being loved by their loved ones
Of all the options I have,
I wish to love you forever and ever
No matter whether its gonna give me a fruit
Or a hurricane uprooting the whole tree
My love's roots will go deep into my heart
So that even If I die, even if I'm erased from this world
My love for you will always be there in the history
I'm not a warrior to fight for something
I'm not a priest to let everything go as it is
I'm just a human being with feelings flowing in and out
All I wished is to get someone my heart loves to be with
It was someone before where I had a similar feeling
But later I realised it was not the perfect one
Even now I wish I would realise soon that you are not the one
Im looking forward to be with
I'm dying every day to talk to
Being a lover of music, your words always remains
As a tune that my heart beats
It will be a lie, If I say I HATE YOU
But wish at least you said me that once
So that I could go far away from you
Not to disturb you anymore
But will you tell me that YOU HATE ME TRULY ?

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