Sunday, 20 January 2008

Not again...

what sins i have made so far
To miss you so badly like this
Is loving you is a big sin
I wouldnt mind doing it for every second
I live in this social world
Nobody wishes me to be with you
No matter whether its human or the Gods
Why is it happening to me
It hurts me so bad that I have been cursed
It discourages me a lot, when i'm put aside
By the one whom i love a lot
Thought i would never feel for such a thing
But cant help it at all
Tried many ways to divert my mind
Inspite of exams and acid tests
Still your memories taunt me so pleasantly
Is Loving you so blindly wrong
Then whats right in here
Being genuine to my heart
All I did was, expressed what i felt
I have thought few times
That I can't live a life without you
Though its only for those two days
We spent together amidst all inconvenience
Without a touch, but with true feelings
Wthout you, my heart would take nothing
Can't edure the agony of separation
Still can't explain what this life would be
Without you by my side for the whole life
As long as I have the breath within me
I will love you forever
Though I sound like a poet sometimes
I would laugh at myself, asking for the reason
Without much time, I have fallen in love with you
This is what they call the church bells ringing behind
Butteflies flying in the stomach
Bulbs glowing in the mind
What so ever they might call it
I can't accept life without you
Hope it changes pretty soon
As the world might see big wars
In which I'm killed, so that my love will live for ever
In my words, in my scripts, one day
My love for you will be in the history
A love that doesnt want anything
A love that sacrifices itself for the love
A love which will be in my soul forever
What else could I say...
As many waves as there are in the sea
My love will be there floating on it
Touching your shore day and night
Missing you and yet again
Letting you know the same.

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