Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Time to realise .....

Everyone shall pass this way but once. Any good that we can do or any happiness that we can give, let us do it now, for we may never pass this way again.

So when you understand the profundity of life, that though the soul is perpetual, life is not a perpetual thing - not the bodily life - then you will feel that you don't have much time to do what is good. Whatever good I must do, I must do it now. Anything you don't give your life to its not worth doing.

Build your wealth, but a wealth you can take with you. Here everything remains behind. Even this body you will have to leave. You are not only going to have to leave your house, this body which is the house of your soul, even this has to be vacated. And after you, it will be destroyed. Know this, and know that all your life you must struggle to lay up that wealth which will accompany you, which is spiritual wealth.

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