Thursday, 17 April 2008

"Love" - fighting for its place

Good morning.... go brush your teeth ?
Starts the day for many little angels all around the world
In fact such words are even hardly found in the place of need
And quite so often the parents are missing out the graceful touch
Rather than the formal wishing and instructing the work
Will it not sound better when someone says
Shall we wake up and have a good day ?
Lets get ready for the day like yesterday ?
By saying so, one can feel the well connected relationship
Can't blame anyone, neither the elders nor the society
The life has become so mechanical these days
When thoughts and likings are being thrust upon the kids
Either willingly or not, they do it and keep following it
Sometimes due to love and more often due to the terror

Just because of the stress being transformed from place to place
The love which was destined to be showered has manoeuvered a bit
It is no more love when it has changed its dimensions
Not welcomed and has become a threat to the children
In the name of discipline this world is slowly losing the love touch
Spare the rod spoil the child an old saying
Must be thrown away as each individual has started to recognise
The need for respect and the nature of love
The elders believe that they understand the kids well
But its not true always, probably one can only assume and
Not definitely they could say its a perfect relationship they have
As years pass by, the elders consider their duties have been done
But who knows that they were, at the cost of the innocent kids' feelings
Its hard now a days to see the people spending time together
Whilst running after the social world to take their own desired places
Most of them have lost their bondings with their own family

Man's priority in this world has become so strange
For the future of tomorrow, he has started to burn the present day
Hoping the new days will bring shining glory to his name
For the sake of having financial benefits
He has forgotten to live for his soul's benefits
He is denying each day to spend for his own happiness
In the name of ambitions he has disregarded the love
At the end of the day, realising that he has mishandled the situation
It will be too late to recognise the value of relations
The time of taking everything for granted is slowly passing by
The generation who has dominated so far is stepping down gradually
Giving ways to the budding youth to make a difference
In the way the live, to make the world a better place to live
Let there be just one religion though out the world
And let it be just only one thing that could have the power
Adding suitable colours to the life and toning the society
One day will be there very soon
With Love flowing all the way through
Wishing everyone a prosperous life to live

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