Monday, 14 April 2008

Life is not always that sweet to experience...

There came a message from an old friend of mine "Hello , You there ? ....", Immediately came the shocking news...Of course a deadly one...My school mate who used to share the same bench with me, met with an accident and died from injuries suffered in the accident occurred late Sunday ( 13/04/2008 ). More shocking was the way he suffered before he finally gave up drowning into the freezing water. We could have seen in the movies of such heartbreaking accidents, but to realise them in the real life,its not as same as what we think.

Sources conveyed that there were 4 people in the car which went into the river about 10 p.m. on sunday and all the poor victims could do is nothing but try ringing 911 for help as the water outside as well as inside was freezing cold so were their limbs. Being the only man, my friend whilst drowning tried hard to contact the emergency team at least to help the other three Indian women who were aboard fighting for their lives too, out of them two are now in critical and one is in serious condition at the Regions Hospital.

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He has just celebrated his birthday on 29/03/2008 and had plans to go back to India and get married. Also to his credit, he was recommended to be a project manager (PM) soon in the leading MNC of Indian IT industry. It is believed that he would be the youngest of all the emerging PMs. He was good at sports, elocution, academics and even taking up the responsibilities. He was a role model to many of his peers. As tears roll down the cheeks of your dear ones, Boy... you will be missed for sure.... I'm proud at least I spent few years in school with you dude... you are a legend.

May his soul rest in peace and his family recover soon from this deadly shock and return to their normal day to day activities.

Man what a strange thing this death is causing to people. Dreams shattered, hopes vanished, if at all a person could know the day when he is gonna say goodbye to this world, he could have planned things well in advance before he left. For people who are wasting their time unknowing the fact that time will wait for no one, its time to wake up and be responsible for their own lives. Do what you could do for the day focusing the prosperous future. Keep the family happy and throw away the egoistic difference of opinions among people and live a happy life, as no one knows when the doors to this world would be shut for you.

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