Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Its just the matter of hopes and beliefs

All of a sudden there came a discussion
Whether to be attached to the relations
Or not to be bonded to their feelings
Like the lotus leaf floating on the water
Advices flowing my way to be so
With which one can claim to have a peaceful life
Whilst following such a life style
Why should someone try to be someone else

If he is born to enjoy the offered pleasures
Why should he deny and say a big No
Why there are boundaries when it comes to expressions
You feel like playing, you play and
You feel like enjoy learning, you do learn
If you feel you wanna do something, better you do it
Better late than never, or else one day you will regret for sure
For having missed to seize the opportunity

Lives who have lived along with you
Shall one day go very far away laughing at you
Where even a single thought couldn't be shared
No one knows what tomorrow is gonna bring for you
Better show your feelings to people straight away
And atleast you might feel better that you have expressed
No matter you succeed or torn apart
You could be content with what you have done

Though Life is definitely full of uncertainties
But sometimes miracles do happen
Our thoughts could one day change into words
Bursting out with what we have had hidden all these days
And those words would one day become actions
Blossoming with the hopes to make one's life more better
Its just the matter of hope and belief
One has in his own life
Who else other than you could believe
If you aren't gonna fight for your own passion

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