Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hope for the best

If there is will there is certainly a way
There was a time when everything went alright
But now things are changing
The purity of the rain water
The quality of the soil which was rich in minerals
Now being an obsolete material even for few plants
Everything is polluted
Finding a genuine attribute of quality is gruelling now

What can change all these things?
Dictatorships, severe actions, and so many
But even for these to occur
Still there is something which is the very base
Yes it’s the belief that every man has
That, things will be under control one day

A child hopes for the parents' care
Not bothered of the consequences
It doesn’t mind what’s going to happen
Thus a child's hope is no match to anyone's
When years pass by
And the same child grows a bit
Being a boy or a girl
Their mind hopes for their immediate pleasures
Wearing a new clothes, playing with friends
Winning matches and passing the exams
At this point their hope is still expecting something positive
Adding to their persisting pleasurable life

As the seasons of the year
Sunlight of the day
Things go one by one slowly
And the age still keeps ticking each year
The kid has now grown up well
Just to say that "I’m matured enough"
When asked enough to what
All they could say is
Enough to fight against all odds
Though they had only limited powers
But yet there was again a brim of hope
At this stage the hope doesn’t play a vital role
As he is confident probably over confident
In what he does and keeps doing
As far as he is sound in his mind and body
His hope has very less role to play
But he can definitely not be without a hope

Hope, a thing which can't be avoided by any soul
If there’s no hope, no atom will survive
As far as the humans have the hope for something
Their life has always got a certain meaning
Either a colourful presence or a pleasing fragrance
Especially the same hope is more valued
When their spirits start to die slowly
When the muscles go weak
When their confidence is broken by their fate
All they can do is just hope
Yes, hope for a better life
Sooner or later, they would find it
One and only if they have hope to have it

The hope and its playful after effects
Always have impacted on human's personal life
Though it has got very less influence over the soul
The materialistic life of the man
Makes his life go worse day by day
Depending on the fate and his destiny
What else the man could do
When things have gone beyond his hold
Hoping for a bright future
Relying on the luck and fortune
All the man could do is to have a Hope and
Hope for the best while getting prepared for the worst

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