Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Feel of Love

The first time u feel
It’s so pure and natural
Heart pumping out blood
Faster than it normally could
Trying to do something different
Though it was the passion
Trying to be unique still
Aspiring to do something unnatural

Young blood and feelings
Having no hopes of failures
Being positive in all outcomes
Lucky should be one to sail it through
Unfortunate is one who has to wait

The time one waits for the soul mate
Thinking only of the pleasures
It could offer to the spirit
Each minute is an epic of love
No matter he meets or not
The heart and mind still says
She is for u and for sure

Feeling egoistic even after falling
Straight into love by her eyesight
He always has the pride
Being in love with her
Whether he is in touch with her or not
He always thinks about her

She and her cute smile
The way she shows she is naughty
All these words just reflect
How she is within her
Also outside to people
She is an angel
Sent only for me

Neither does she know
Nor her friends and family
That she was sent only for me
What shall I do
Apart from waiting for her
In my heart, in my mind

Days, months and years have passed by
Only memories have been shrugged so far
Though can't wait for that moment
Feeling each other's soul
All I could do is wait, wait and wait
Not bothering whether it could happen or not
Would at least take the pride for being in love
And falling in so deep in it
Not being possible to come out of it

Looks like almost lived my life
Would be jealous if I ask for more
Abiding by the rules of the nature
The more you crave for
The more you would go away from it
The more painful would it be
And it’s a matter of a pain or love
I always welcomed it with all my heart

Now I have let it go far away from me
Knowing for sure she won’t be back
But somewhere in the heart
Still it is emphatically saying
Both our hearts are thinking of each other
Singing to the tunes of the love
Our hearts will always beat for the other
This is what a love can make
Pouring down its essence
The feel of love is the best I ever had
And I'm happy to keep it with me forever


Anonymous said...

HE will fulfill the deepest desires of your heart

Jeevanin Sahaa said...

Its weird to believe in something/someone until i have trust in it/them. If he is really omnipresent, let Him first start by letting me know who are these anonymous people scrapping in orkut and commenting my posts in this blog.

Thanks anyway for bothering to send me a morale booster.... but .... ?