Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Taunting Memories

there were days when I longed to be with her
fought ways to get hold of the place in her heart
got there amidst losing a bit here and there
went along for few years
then came mysteries and enigmas
no wonder what the reasons were
at the end of the day the true love was camouflaged
though could blame others for the heartbreak
still im responsible for this cause

chose the wrong way to run away from the problems
as predicted strange love kept following me
yielding to temptations but only after a while
fell into the trap yet once again
since then couldnt recover from that pain
though tried to fool my own thoughts
was successful in keeping my cool
only until I saw the beauty of the nature
she was filled all over the places
im still struggling to regain the peace
falling like a prey to the cruel love

my life is now ruined at this stage
there are certain ways to get back in line
definitely not into the social world
where spirituality is my only possession
taking me to the preferred destination
thought love was the only true thing in life
felt i was wrong, later realised the nature of love
yes, the love is everywhere in this world

i see it in every child's eyes,
those in the poor men's smile
while the sun rises early in the dawn
also while it sets later in the dusk
I see the essence of love everywhere
though an inch of strong desire
edging out to be with my lost love

leaving the options wide open
i get going with what i have been offered
tears rolling down my cheek
tearing apart the walls of my heart
bleeding down the soul
what am i still looking for
a friend for my life
a companion till my grave
yes, a soulmate forever ! ! !

1 comment:

padma said...

Love is everywhere... So don't look for it in the ruptured walls of the heart.. Those who love you never make you cry and those who make you cry are unworthy of your love!!