Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Let it go, if it needs to go

All these days of struggle
hardly had a chance to fight against
having a polite state of mind
always had let it go, if it was to go
does that mean that i dont have the fighting spirit in me
what's the point in fighting for something
which is not destined to be there for you.
doesn't that mean that im the man of no determination
cosmic law is confusing me
Im meant to be someone who I ought to be
and not who I need to be

If that is the case
where should i go
where should I head to
jump in to the woods and be alone
throw away all social pleasure
for nothing to be stable in this funny world
and none to be in the same status
can't i just get along with something
which has always been offered to me
rather than fighting for something
which I very well deserve.

We all know where we came from
But do not know where we are going,
until we realise why we are here for
one should be lucky to have pain in his life
for this to be realised
and for me, the pain is a funny joke
which has been a part of my life

Of all the people who have marked the pages of history
some have to leave so that the pages get rewritten
over, over and over again
Nature and time being the best teachers
it takes a bit of time to understand
why such things keep happening in a similar fashion

Treating life as a trading business
accounting all births as income
and deaths as its expense
If all the people who came here,
Decided to stay here in this land,
Where is the place for all of us to live?
If this is the time to say bye to this world
pretty well say it quick and
Let it go, if it needs to go.

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