Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Betrayal Outburst

The Wind is blowing hard
money is draining quick
relations splitting out
don't know what to do
asking for favour
from people who can be fooled
clever was his thinking
but also was so cunning
might jump out of problems
will never from the judgement
he who is thinking at heart and brain
will get back those into his vein
trailing the old faith
punishment will be severe
if it takes more time
as the world is coming to an end
moral of men's life going so cheap
people could do anything for their living
killing their own mothers
pimping their children for money

what else they wouldn't do
just to keep their life better
man, i haven't known anything like this
until i was betrayed by him
im not anymore willing to think
as i believe in the nature's will
Tamils getting slaughtered in Srilanka
and those who lost lives in Iraq
also the souls which passed away in Palestine
I should be happy for what im having
wealth and trust might be lost
but definitely not the hope
after all those betrayals
yes Im out of them
I do have my own way
showing them that they are my foot
dusting them to the floors
warning them of the curse
will never enter into their doors
don't know God still exists
if He does, these people should never persist
leaving it to the time's answer
saying my last prayer
Im walking on my own way
towards the spiritual growth
these things aren't real
running after people and money
but the soul is so pure
such things can't even come near
im not in any danger
as my Master would give me shelter
no matter what so ever happen
i will be there in His heaven.

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