Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Meditation - A problem ? Here are few tips to master it !

Learning to meditate is like a baby that is learning to walk. It is said that on average, a baby falls more than 100 times ( can't remember the actual figure..maybe 270 times?)before he or she can

So the question for you when you learn to meditate is... are you consistently practicing meditation until you learn to 'walk'. It took six weeks of practicing before it becomes a habit. That was more than three years ago. Nowadays, if I miss a day of meditation, the feeling is like as if I do not brush my teeth or take a bath. Want to know some simple secrets to mastering meditation for beginners?

Here are simple secrets to help you master meditation:-

Write down 200 reasons why you want to learn meditation.This will cause your subconscious mind to link meditation to pleasure. If you have less than 50 goals, do not start your meditation. Otherwise you will give up easily.

-Join a group or class. The mass energy of many people meditating will somehow transfer to you. In fact, because of such classes, I am able to meditate for two hours at one stretch.

-Take baby steps. Think big or dream big to set the direction and then take baby steps to execute your dream. Begin with one minute or 5 minute meditation for the first few days.

-Embrace or expect that for the first few days or weeks,your mind will wander about with other thoughts during meditation. This is acceptable, embrace it...just remember that you have learnt to walk before and that you fall many times before you can walk.Recall the smiles of your parents when you can walk the first time!

-Try this 'cheating method'...place a clock in front of you. It must have the 'seconds' hand and this hand must move continuously, not in steps. When meditating, watch this 'seconds' hand move. Focus on following it moving. Let it pass for one minute, then two minutes. If you can follow for two minutes, do this as frequent as possible through out the day. The next day, use the same clock and take not of the time.Then close your eyes and focus on your breathing.Open your eyes when you feel that you no longer can meditate. Take note of the time that has passed.Do this for the next few days and see if it helps.

-Use music! this is the most effective method for me and I use variations or many different music till this day. Classical or soft music or guided meditation are all excellent.

While some effort is required initially, you only need to learn once and the skills are with you for life.

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