Monday 29 September 2008

A Noble family

Only because of people like them, the world is still alive... read further on to know about a heart touching real life incident

Chennai 25th September 2008

1st Photo : A.P. Hithendran
2nd Photo : His parents
3rd Photo : The doctor didnt even remove the face mask and head cover and coming running right from the operation theatre
4th Photo : The heart being taken to the destination in a police car instead of an ambulance

Here goes the story..

There is a family where the parents are the doctors and they had a son named Hithendran.

On 09/24/2008, he took his father's bike for seeing his friend and while returning he met with an accident. The people who were there know him and admitted him at chengalpattu hospital. Then they informed his parents and they took him to Teynampet Apollo hospital. The doctors examined him and said that his brain has lost all his senses and there is no way to give him life. Without controlling the sadness the parents understood the fact and they decided to donate his organs to the people.

First, his eyes were given to Sankara nethralaya, then his kidneys were given to apollo hospital for transplantation and atlast here comes the final everheard miracle. They decided to give his heart to a 13 years old girl named Abirami.
But within 30 mins that heart should be transplanted; They need to go 20 Kms and that too in the Chennai traffic and doubted whether it will happen or not. Then the doctors called traffic police and asked their help and they prepared the ambulance with A/C, following which the doctors operated out the heart from their son's torso and kept in an ice box and ran towards the ambulance.

When they came out the boy's father saw that ice box and cried like anything. The doctor who carried that box was on his wheels that he didn't even see the ambulance which is waiting outside and he entered the police car which was waiting and asked the person to go to the Cherian hospital soon without even realising that it was the Assistant Commissioner and interestingly the police official without seeing his status jumped to drivers seat and drove the car to its maximum speed.

Every signal traffic got alerted and left the way for this car and at last within 15 mins the heart was taken to the doctors in Cherian hospital where it was transplanted to Abirami.

Really heart touching isn't it ?.

By the way do you know the meaning of the name of the boy who died ( Hithendran -The Lover of Heart ) and yes, now he has stolen everyone's heart.

Hats off to his parents, the professionals and the officials who helped their sacrifice to do something towards a noble cause.


Anonymous said...

jitendran means one who has one over his senses indeed from your posting jitentran has really won.

Anonymous said...

After hearing this incident many have decided to donate their organs including me... Jitendran's Heart was donated to a 13 year old Girl from Karnataka...
"After death your soul goes to heaven, but your heart lives in earth".


Jeevanin Sahaa said...

my dad actually donated his body to a private medical college for research he being a anatomy professor. Also he has donated his blood around 90 times during his life time but its unfortunate that he passed away last year and I couldnt fulfil his wish as the government didnt allow it. All i could be satisfied is with donating his eyes to arvind hospital, madurai.

Unknown said...

sir, I am Hithendran's father, Dr.Ashokan.My son's name is Hithendran and not jithendran.Thanking you for writing comforting words about us. We have started a Trust in memory of our beloved son A.P.HITHENDRAN, and we call it A.P.HITHENDRAN MEMORIAL TRUST.The aims of the trust is to bring about a awarness on organ donation and road safety. We go to schools colleges, public places,institutions like lic banks etc and highlight the importance of multiorgan donation, clear the doubts on brain death, and motivate relatives to donate one of their twin organs to their relatives when they need it. We plan to distribute organ donar card to the public very shortly. with regards . dr.ashokan.